Childbirth Education with Heather

I teach prenatal classes in private or group settings. I always keep my class sizes small so that you and your partner have plenty of time for your questions and so that participants can have the chance to really get to know one another. Building that new parent network is an underappreciated aspect of prenatal education!

My courses focus on the natural processes of birth, with information on common interventions including both risks and benefits.

Throughout the series you will learn about labour and birth – what is happening in your body, how you and your partner can facilitate smooth progress and how your baby is actively involved. You will learn skills and techniques for comfort and pain management that do not require medication or professional assistance. You will also learn what medical pain management options are available to you, when it may be wise to accept them and when you may want to decline them. I will teach you about the most common complications; how to avoid them and what interventions may be desired or necessary in the event that they do arise. Breastfeeding is covered in detail so that you will have a head-start in terms of knowing what a good latch looks like, how to know if your baby is getting enough and how to get immediate support if you and your baby need some assistance in the early days and weeks. Caring for a newborn can be overwhelming, so I also cover newborn characteristics, abilities and basic care. All this and more!

Prenatal education is about understanding birth as a normal, healthy accomplishment, one which you are capable of achieving.

These classes will build your confidence in your body, as well as in whatever choices you make for yourself and your baby. They will also help your partner to feel more confident as a support person and active participant in your birth experience. Unlike most hospital courses, my prenatal education focuses on the things you need to know in order to have the birth experience that you want, not on the norms and expectations of medical staff or others.

Whether you want an all-natural birth at home with midwives, a medicalized birth in hospital with a physician or something on the spectrum in between, my prenatal education courses will teach you what you need to know and will give you the self-advocacy skills and confidence you need to achieve it.

Contact me to learn more or check out my upcoming class schedule.