Warm and Fuzzy: New Client Testimonial

Another testimonial from a wonderful client. There’s nothing like the privilege of being invited into someone’s birth experience.

We looked at a number of Doulas before selecting Heather. She provided exceptional care and support throughout our unexpected excessively long labour. Her skills and wisdom, especially in regards to pain management were especially helpful. Over four days she became part of our home and helped us to welcome our little girl into the world. We would highly recommend Heather as a Doula, she offers exceptionally good value, especially considering her extensive knowledge base.



New testimonial!

Another heartwarming client testimonial. I feel so honoured to have been a part of this birth.

Hiring Heather was one of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy. I had thought about a Doula early in my pregnancy, but hesitated because I didn’t know much about what she did and I didn’t know where to find one. About two weeks before I was due, a friend suggested I consider a Doula and gave me Heather’s number. After a brief conversation on the phone with Heather, I knew I had made the right decision. She made me think about things I hadn’t previously thought of and encouraged me to ask questions at my next doctor’s appointment.

I was very impressed with her prenatal knowledge as well as her experience with delivery. She always made me feel like I was in control over what would happen to me during delivery, but I was confident that she’d be the advocate I needed in the delivery room. Her calm demeanour and soft voice carried me through every contraction and provided the encouragement I needed to have a natural, drug-free birth. Even though I had only met her twice before the birth (baby decided to come early) I felt like I’d known her for years. Her presence at the birth offered a great deal of relief to my husband, allowing him to take care of logistics, all the while knowing that I was in good hands.

One of the things I appreciate most about Heather is that she goes out of her way to find resources to support us, whether it be how to deal with baby’s first infection or community groups for mom and baby. She is a wealth of information! Thank you for everything, Heather.

New testimonial!

I’m excited to post another lovely testimonial from a recent client!

I was initially hesitant to hire Heather due to her age and perceived lack of experience. However, after our first meeting with her and our subsequent experiences we couldn’t be happier with her expansive knowledge on not only birth coaching but everything you could ever want to know about pregnancy, labour, birth and post partum (we had her not only for our doula but also our prenatal class teacher). The enthusiasm she has for what she does is apparent in her thirst for knowledge and connection to the community. 

This being my first child I didn’t know what to expect from a doula. How could a relative stranger help me when my very own husband was unable to calm me down? As it turned out, Heather’s presence was invaluable; her cool head, confidence and pure enjoyment of the process put me in the best possible head space to have an unforgettable positive birth experience. Where I was tense and uncertain, Heather was calm. Where my husband was frazzled and scared, Heather was reassuring. She lead our fragile selves delicately and confidently through the most important and crazy moment of our lives, and for that I’m forever thankful! 

New testimonial!

I received another lovely testimonial today that I wanted to share. This one is special in an unusual way, because the client is herself a doula-in-training. I am so proud of everything she’s accomplished and honoured to have been a part of her birth experience.

We couldn’t have done it without Heather! The birth of my second child didn’t go as planned. Does it ever? It didn’t go the way I had thought it would for nine months, yet I was still so happy with it. I attribute much of this happiness to Heather’s support. I went into pregnancy and labour well informed about my choices. I had read all the books, taken the classes and had personal experience. Despite all of this Heather was still able to teach me so much. She is a wealth of information, valuable resources, and an incredibly calming presence. During my labour, at the end of every painful contraction I smiled. I was made to feel secure amongst what can seem like a bit of madness. I came out of a long labour feeling strong and proud of what I had accomplished. Heather truly cares about supporting women and families. She so clearly has a passion for what she does.

Happy Client = Happy Doula

This was a really special birth for me… so happy to receive such kind words from this client:

Heather Neville made a great impact on my labour experience. Without her I wouldn’t of done as well as I did! She taught me so much about what to expect before and after giving birth. Heather helps you through every trouble you may have, and answers any questions no matter what they may be. Thanks to Heather I understood more than I ever could have on my own. She is so special to me and my family! It is obvious that she enjoys her job as a doula. She shows interest in your problems, questions, and in letting you know everything she knows about before and after your birth experience. I’m very thankful for everything she’s done to guide me through it all. She never fails to amaze you with her knowledge and dedication not only as a professional but as a caring individual. As soon as I had informed Heather I was feeling contractions 6 minutes apart, she had arrived to assist in her call of duty! She taught me breathing techniques, labour positions and so much more! She made my birth experience a thousand times more special and easy than it probably would have been if she wasn’t there to support me. A birth without any medication was all I had asked for Heather to make sure of, and thanks to all her techniques and support, I made it through an all-natural birth! Thank you Heather for all your hard work and commitment, [my boyfriend], my family, and I really appreciate your kind heart and passion. We really encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing in helping expecting mothers in their journey to meeting their bundle of joy(s). We also encourage any mother in search of a doula to choose Heather for that position, she’s such an amazing person, you WON’T regret it! I hope to keep in touch with you Heather! Once again, a million thank yous!

Another Client Testimonial

I don’t post every client testimonial, but when I get one that truly touches me I just can’t resist. All of my clients are special to me and their births will never leave my memory or my heart, but this birth was exceptional in many ways and I feel so proud to have been a part of it. One of my proudest moments ever came when this client said to me, two days postpartum, “I just never knew, until this birth, that I was so strong.”

Here is what she wrote:

My experience with Heather as my doula was soo amazing and I am so grateful to have found her and that she was able to be with me during the birth of my son. Heather provided me with all physical, emotional and moral support i needed during my last stages of pregnancy and labour, more so that i was going through a VERY rough time before i met her. She supported me 100% with all of the decisions i made. Her support was made available by the Public Health Dietitian, and it was a priceless support but she was there with me EVERY STEP OF THE WAY and helping me WHOLE HEARTEDLY..She was always available to answer any questions or concerns I had and she would answer those questions right away ,which kept me from being stressed out during my pregnancy and labour. She was Always POSITIVE!  She was there with me THROUGH OUT my labour. Going through the pains was not easy AT ALL, But with her by my side was such a BLESSING! She really helped my labour pass easier by giving me ideas about which positions to get into and by helping me focus on breathing and staying calm. She knew exactly how to manage each pain i had. When I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, she helped me believe I was strong and I could get through it and that my body was designed for that! Indeed my labour was much different and amazing than I had imagine. Heather is such an amazing, accessible, warm hearted, loving, great listener and compassionate doula and i couldnt imagine going through all of this without her there by my side.Even after i had the baby she has kept in contact with me TILL NOW incase i have any questions. I feel like i didn’t just have a Doula, Its like i have a new friend too who has helped me so much with everything. I have never felt alone with her by my side. Indeed she was a God sent…



Client Testimonial

I received a lovely testimonial from a client this week. I got all teary-eyed when I read it. I feel so proud to have been a part of this mama’s birth experience. Words cannot express. This is what she wrote:

I had reservations about having a doula attend my daughter’s birth. I wanted to keep the occasion as intimate as possible and couldn’t imagine a meaningful relationship being established with another person over 3 meetings. How could this “stranger” possibly offer me emotional support? I had recently decided, however, to approach my life with an open mind and heart, and to say yes to things that might present themselves as opportunities.

It turned out that Heather was able to give me exactly what I needed to feel supported. Her clinical knowledge and passion on the subject of childbirth came through again and again. After our meetings I found myself researching little facts and anomalies regarding physiology and psychology behind childbirth. She encouraged conversation and really listened to my questions so that the answers and information I received was precisely what I was looking for. Her knowledge lends her an air of competence and confidence without being overbearing, and I found that very comforting.

Even though she did not force or forge an overly friendly and intimate way with me, she approached me and dealt with me as a unique person. She understood that my own fears, experiences and tendencies are factors I would bring with me into labour. While she provided me with many relaxation techniques to consider during labour, she encouraged me to consider my own methods of relaxation, if any. I shared with her the Japa meditation I’ve been recently practicing and she not only encouraged me to use it but she herself looked into it and then practiced it at home with her partner so that we could be on the same page.

Heather really encouraged me to write a birth plan and I kept putting it off. She would kindly remind me, each time we met, to put one together. Once I sat down to come up with one I realized the importance of it. It helped me visualize the kind of experience I wanted to have, and realize some issues that were blocks for me. I understood that I had concerns about being able to communicate effectively during labour with my support team & fears about expressing my likes and dislikes without hurting anyone’s feelings. I also realized, on a more personal level, that I felt guilty receiving extra support and attention during pregnancy because I considered it being self-indulgent. Writing the birth plan helped me communicate some of my fears and deal with some of my beliefs that could have hindered my progress during labour.

During labour Heather focused on me and what I wanted or needed and I allowed her into my space. For a while she helped me through pain by stimulating a pressure point on my shoulder. Her touch was beneficial and not obtrusive. When I felt that I didn’t want to be touched anymore and just wanted to walk around for a bit, I let her know and she stopped immediately. I sneaked a look at her face and she was smiling. In fact, every time I looked at her I remember her smiling. 

What I envisioned for my daughter’s birth was my midwife, my husband, mother and doula present, working together to create a pleasant, calm, light atmosphere. I believe that Heather was an integral factor in creating this for me. She put my husband at ease and therefore he was able to remain calm and easy for me. I found the light, fun, sporadic conversation between them very comforting. It made me believe on a deep level that everything was O.K.

Heather, I believe you are an exceptional doula. You were such a wonderful presence at little Rhea’s labour and delivery into this life. You are by no means a stranger, having shared with my husband and me one of the most precious experiences of my life. Thank you.