MamaViews: What To Do When Your Doctor Is Not Doula-Friendly

The fine people over at MamaViews recently asked me to express my views on dealing with doctors who aren’t doula-friendly. The ideas presented in this piece are really more about what doulas can and should do in such a situation, but they give moms an idea of how a doula might fit into a more challenging birth-team. This might also be food for thought if you’re going to be interviewing doulas: something you might want to ask is how your potential doula might deal with this. You should feel good about her answer! A woman in labour should never have to deal with any social or political unpleasantness, so making sure that your doula has an approach that prioritizes your comfort and a stress-free environment for you is important.

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2 thoughts on “MamaViews: What To Do When Your Doctor Is Not Doula-Friendly

  1. I was happy to read all of the positive responses in the article from the doulas, i.e., not taking things personally, knowing that many times they could be positive role models, that their focus was to be with their families. My fellow midwives and I have been fortunate enough to have made a great working relationship with many of the doulas in our area. It works for all. Great article…
    Thanks for posting!!!

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