Happy Client = Happy Doula

This was a really special birth for me… so happy to receive such kind words from this client:

Heather Neville made a great impact on my labour experience. Without her I wouldn’t of done as well as I did! She taught me so much about what to expect before and after giving birth. Heather helps you through every trouble you may have, and answers any questions no matter what they may be. Thanks to Heather I understood more than I ever could have on my own. She is so special to me and my family! It is obvious that she enjoys her job as a doula. She shows interest in your problems, questions, and in letting you know everything she knows about before and after your birth experience. I’m very thankful for everything she’s done to guide me through it all. She never fails to amaze you with her knowledge and dedication not only as a professional but as a caring individual. As soon as I had informed Heather I was feeling contractions 6 minutes apart, she had arrived to assist in her call of duty! She taught me breathing techniques, labour positions and so much more! She made my birth experience a thousand times more special and easy than it probably would have been if she wasn’t there to support me. A birth without any medication was all I had asked for Heather to make sure of, and thanks to all her techniques and support, I made it through an all-natural birth! Thank you Heather for all your hard work and commitment, [my boyfriend], my family, and I really appreciate your kind heart and passion. We really encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing in helping expecting mothers in their journey to meeting their bundle of joy(s). We also encourage any mother in search of a doula to choose Heather for that position, she’s such an amazing person, you WON’T regret it! I hope to keep in touch with you Heather! Once again, a million thank yous!


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