The Ultimate Birthing Stool

I am so excited! I have partnered with an incredible industrial designer, Kara Springer, a fellow member of the Centre for Social Innovation and designer of the amazing Kaya Birthing Stool. I’m getting my very own Kaya Birthing Stool soon and I can’t wait to try it out with a client.

Unlike traditional birthing stools, the Kaya Stool can be used in a wide variety of positions for labour and birth. It can even be submerged in a tub and used in various ways during a waterbirth. It can also be used to support rocking or swaying positions. Check out the info (and pictures) on the Kaya website to get an idea of how versatile this tool is!

An added bonus is that the stool is phthalate-free and made in an environmentally conscious way (no dioxins or other toxic chemicals are released during manufacturing) under ethical working conditions right here in Canada.

I plan to use mine with clients who are into trying it, but I think for anyone having a baby, it would be a great investment if your doula or midwife doesn’t have one already and you are interested in movement throughout your labour and birth (one of the best ways to encourage labour progress). After the baby is born it could be added to a child’s room or play area until the next baby is on his way!

The stool has been added to birth centres and hospital obstetrics wards all over the world. Check out this Ricki Lake video about an amazing birth centre in LA – the stool makes a cameo around the 3 minute mark.


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