A Little Weekend Reading: Part Two (a.k.a. ‘Sunday’)

Loved this article on essential oils for pregnancy, birth and postpartum. It’s nice to see such good information collected in such a useful and concise way. I will be relying on this resource a lot. Always be careful with herbs! Check with your HCP and an herbalist before using (especially during pregnancy when you have to watch out for herbs that may stimulate the uterus, i.e. cause contractions).

A case in point related to an earlier post from this week. Women need solid, evidence-backed information on risks and benefits before they can make informed decisions. Since that information is clearly not coming from HCPs in a startling number of cases, it is vital that we seek it out through other means – take childbirth education classes and hire a doula!

This post from a daddy blog had me chuckling. Loved the doula shout out and the invention of the term “ultradoula”, not to mention the clever title. While I’m not in agreement that partners are “beyond useless”, I’m going to assume that the author was being self-deprecating and facetious, which I’m totally in favour of.


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