Taking new clients!

I just wanted to put the word out there that I have space available for new clients in the new year. If you or anyone you know is pregnant and so far without a doula, drop me a line! A preliminary interview doesn’t obligate you in any way – think of it as an opportunity to ask your questions about the benefits of having a doula and get a sense of whether I might be the right person to support you and help you achieve your birthing goals in the privacy of your own home, for free!

If you are jotting down that list of Things You Need before your baby arrives, keep in mind that although a doula’s support isn’t something you can colour coordinate with the nursery or show off at the park, it can provide you with the confidence, comfort and knowledge that will help you to self-advocate and actively participate in your birth in a way that will make it a satisfying, empowering and life-affirming experience from start to finish.

Don’t forget that I also offer prenatal classes and can create a custom package tailored to your needs and budget that includes both education and doula support.


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