It’s all about self-care – Update: SPA TALK POSTPONED (more info soon)

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me, from taking on a new (though temporary) role at the Centre for Social Innovation, attending webinars and workshops, meeting with potential clients and forming new and exciting partnerships with people around town, I have barely had time to sit down at my computer and think about blogging.

Coming up soon, I’m hoping to write a short piece about a doula meeting that I attended recently on postpartum mood disorders and I’m also looking forward to meeting with Cristina Sacco from Boygirl Photography about some cross-promotional ideas we’re cooking up. Stay tuned for more info on that stuff and more! Plus next week I’ll be attending a meeting on hypnobirthing with the awesome Jennifer Elliott, and I’m sure that will provide me with plenty to blog about. for now, though I want to talk about a really exciting new friendship.

This morning I met with Katie Grennan from Alma Natural Spa. Katie is a member of the Centre for Social Innovation, like me, and has recently opened her beautiful spa at Yonge and Eglinton, where her clientele is treated to toxin-free, natural spa treatments – all of the ahhh with none of the blaah. I totally gelled with Katie’s philosophy behind natural beauty care and she was super interested in hearing all about doula care and the awesome results that women who have doulas see.

Toxins in our cosmetics and beauty products are a concern for may of us these days, but for pregnant women and new moms (especially those who are breastfeeding), the concerns are even greater. Knowing what we know about the carcinogens and hormone disruptors and who-knows-what-else in so many products these days, it makes sense to choose safe, natural, healthy options for our health and for the health of our children. It’s nice to know that there are places like Alma out there where we can go and get pampered without having to worry about what the products going into our skin and the air we are breathing are doing to harm us.

Given that Alma’s mandate appeals especially to pre-conception and pregnant women as well as new moms, Katie suggested that I speak about doula support at Alma’s speaker series in the new year. I am really excited about this opportunity! First, it’ll give me a chance to talk about birth and the benefits of good support, which I can never get enough of. Second, it will be a great opportunity for me to talk directly to women in the community who know the importance of self-care based in healthy practice. After all, if you care enough about your body and your baby’s body to choose a natural spa, it stands to reason that you’d see the value in doula care that can help you have a more satisfying birth experience, both psychologically and physiologically and all of the ramifications that that can have for health, self-esteem and empowerment.

I’ll be speaking on Wednesday, January 11th at the spa. I’ll keep you posted on the details as the date approaches! This will be a great chance for anyone who is interested in learning more about doulas and what we can do for you in an intimate and personal setting, without the pressure of scheduling interviews or actually shopping around for a doula.


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